Friday, September 18, 2020

Homework Hotline Project

From February-May 2019, I worked on a large project for clients at Homework Hotline, a non-profit organization offering free online and over-the-phone tutoring for students K-12 in the state of Tennessee. The goal of the project was to increase their donor base in lieu of The Big Payback that happened on May 2, 2019. Throughout the few months working on this project, my teammates and I curated a large amount of content in order to get people talking more about Homework Hotline and to get their name into the public eye more than it previously was. Through the creation of videos (general overviews, teacher interviews, and student testimonies) along with social media content creation, management, & planning, we are working towards our goal of raising the number of donations that Hotline receives by the time of The Big Payback coming up soon. While I assisted in different areas of this project, my main focus was managing Homework Hotline’s social media platforms and creating the content that it consisted of. Below are attachments of some of the content that I created, primarily for Instagram.



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