Friday, September 18, 2020


Welcome to the first episode of “Things I Wish I Knew in Middle School”. To kick off this show, I spoke with Sam and Chloe, two college-aged girls reminiscing over the in’s and out’s of being 13. This episode deals with the discussion of being a young girl finding herself during this time and the difficulties that females can face while growing up. Topics including unhealthy friendships, lessons learned from recognizing these issues, and how to get away from them. If this interests you, I hope that you give this first episode a listen!

In this second episode of “Things I Wish I Knew in Middle School”, I was joined by two people that I met in middle school, Cameron and Sam, whom I am still friends with today. Though this episode includes more jokes and lightheartedness, we conquer topics including bullying and all of the insane drama and unique cliques of people that are typically found in middle schools everywhere. I really appreciate the ability to have people who experienced the same middle school as I did and who can relate to different aspects while still voicing their own experiences. If you enjoy banter and discussion of the material mentioned previously, then this would definitely be of interest to you.

We are finally to the concluding episode of “Things I Wish I Knew in Middle School”! The end to this 3-part podcasting series involves two of my closest friends today, Katie and Ahylexius. Main topics of discussion include the hardships of moving schools, how school organizations and activities influenced our middle school experiences, and a debate on why or why not middle school is a good time in life. This episode is different from the others made, considering there is one guest who considers this one of the best times of her life, unlike other guests that have been on the show.¬† Sit back and listen if you would like to hear these differing opinions as we say farewell to this podcast series. Thanks for listening!

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