Monday, July 13, 2020
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The Importance of Accessibility in User Experience

When thinking about all of the many aspects it takes for user experience researchers and designers to create interfaces, it is important to understand and take into account how accessible it is for all users. Whether it be with vision, auditory, cognitive, mobility, or other, people might experience difficulty with one or more of these aspects that might interrupt their interaction with specific websites or products. Because of this, the importance of creating content that is accessible for all users and trying to make it as inclusive as it can possibly be is something that designers should always think about.

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

One piece of advice that the Interaction Design Foundation gives on implementing user-friendly content and accessibility is that “if we consider them at the start of the design process, we’ll find them easy to implement.” This is one of the truest statements that I feel like designers should live by. By assessing all of the many users that might potentially be reached, an inclusive and easily usable interface can be created that can produce a positive experience for those involved.

While being “accessible” to all users is a very broad statement that can sometimes pose new questions for designers to think about and take a little longer to implement, it is well worth the extra time. Creating spaces for all to be efficiently and easily used how it was intended to be used is something that can give users one less thing to worry about and consume the media how they want to. Accessibility is one of the largest factors to take into account in user experience, in my opinion, and without designers thinking ahead to how people could potentially have conflict between interfaces and their specific needs, content might not be fully received as it was intended or made for which can become detrimental to both the users and content creators.

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