Monday, July 13, 2020

Social Branding Video

For my short form branding video, I am focusing on depicting and promoting Kappa Delta Sorority while concentrating on International Women’s Friendship Month, a holiday created by the brand. With the particular video that I am creating, I am planning on catering to an audience of women, particularly those attending a university and falling between the ages of 18-22. Though International Women’s Friendship Month was created to involve all women, no matter if involved in Kappa Delta or Greek life in general, I feel as though the video will be primarily of interest to those who are, were, or know someone involved in a sorority. While the video could be of interest to others not in this target audience, I am creating it with these specific people in mind.

The entire Kappa Delta brand is founded upon and encourages instilling confidence, whether that be in oneself or in others. All of the women who are familiar with the sorority’s branding see this through the philanthropic events that chapters are involved in and the various events that are put on. Even those who are not familiar with the sorority brand can easily understand their brand personality and values with a quick glance of their website and social media platforms. This demeanor that is held by the brand correlates and aligns beautifully with International Women’s Friendship Month as a whole, as Kappa Delta sees the need for all women to be celebrated and show kindness to each other, no matter the differences or backgrounds that each woman comes from. I hope that this is easily shown through my short branding video, and I am excited to produce something for a brand that I hold dear to my heart.

In terms of the production of the video, my vision stems from showcasing the diversity of my particular chapter of Kappa Delta here at Middle Tennessee State University and how well we not only work together with each other but with other women too. As of right now, I plan on having multiple short clips of women from MTSU’s Delta Pi chapter of KD holding up and saying encouraging words on signs to empower all women and show what the sorority is all about. I would also like to include clips from an IWFM event that we are having this week to show the confidence and kindness that we want to instill in other women in our community and even in ourselves. To end the video, I plan to use the KD logo along with the IWFM logo, possibly along with the sorority’s motto or slogan. If other ideas ensue, I will definitely be open to tweaking the video if need be, but as of right now, this is my ultimate vision.

Kappa Delta Logo

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